7 July 2019

Following Sarah Laver’s great run this year, the Wish Tree charity has been offered the opportunity to buy a place in the 2020 London Marathon.

  • Have you always said you would run a marathon one day?

  • Have you already run a marathon and if so, do you want to add the London event to your list of achievements?

  • Do you simply want to raise funds for your local charity?

If it is “yes” to any of the above, then please contact Ali Moss (0779 960 7320) or Tracy Wells (07976 867910) to register your interest by the end of July 2019. All applicants who are interested will be contacted and entered into a “Grand Draw”.

No excuses! This is plenty of warning so you can get on that fitness and money raising campaign – you know the thing – buy the new trainers and get the sweatband look! If you are interested, do please call one of us as soon as you can.

For full details of the event visit the London Marathon website at